Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miguel's new ride; snow bikes rule!

Ok, so I know I need pictures on these posts or nobody will read them. I really like my new system of using old disc rotors to brace the disc mount - it's a nice way to re-use some metal instead of recycling it or throwing it away, it looks neat (at least in my opinion) and it's even a TINY bit lighter than using a piece of tubing (ok, ok, by like 2 grams, big deal). I did a good job matching this one up with the same path that the actual rotor on the bike takes, cool.

Switching gears a little, I've always wanted to build myself a snow bike - not the kind you'd ride in the Iditabike (ie, with actual pedals and wheels), but the kind you'd take to the top of a big hill and slide/ride down. The kind the Beatles rode in Hard Days Night (I think...) I thought that they weren't allowed on the chairlifts at any of the resorts around here, though, so I never got around to it. But now I found this yesterday: Lenz Sport Skibike video. Freakin' sweet, AND THEY LET YOU ON THE LIFT! I'm guessing Devin and his friends are at Keystone or A-Basin there. Regardless, that means Vail Resorts (cough, evil! cough) will let them on...

I don't really see the need for full suspension, myself - I used to ski a lot, and my legs seemed to do just fine for suspension. The front suspension, sure - your arms and hands are going to get pretty thrashed after awhile.

In any case, partially due to the fact that I haven't heard any particularly encouraging news about the belt drives from Spot, the Waltworks snow bike is taking over as stupid/weird project du jour. Right now, I'm at the thinking stage, but don't worry, I'll charge right ahead into the building-without-carefully-thinking-first stage soon. I've gotta find some crappy twintip mini skis first, then I'll start messing around seriously. Stay tuned, loyal readers!


Anonymous said...

lotsa props on the recycled rotor disc brace. Very innovative and looks good too. The only thing I was wondering about was i did not think it was possible to weld aluminum(the rotor)to steel(the frame). Is it because its a fillet braze and not a tig weld tat allows it t work. just curious. thanks

Walt said...

Disc rotors are steel, man. It's tig welded on there.