Monday, November 12, 2007

The face of bike racing...

Yeah, yeah, the season is over unless you're one of those weirdos who like to pick up their bike and run with it, but Dave H sent me this photo and I pretty much had to post it.

Got *another* Ned ride in this Sunday, which has to be an all-time record. Nov. 11, 11K feet, Colorado, riding buffed-out dry singletrack. Hell, I was riding in short sleeves most of the time! I'm actually not sure this crazy warm weather is a good thing in the long run, and I'm getting kinda burnt out on riding, but it sure was fun to be up in the high country. NationalChamp, Millertime, and Redcoat took me on a new trail that connects to another trail I like, so that was cool, and then I (as usual) managed to crash and tear up my knee pretty good at the very bitter end of the ride. And of course, I was wearing Sarah's leg warmers, because I was too lazy to look for mine when I rolled out. Smooth, now there's a bloody hole in the right one.

Not sure how I always manage to do that, but I've got a nice hunk of flesh missing from my knee, in the exact same spot that I ALWAYS crash on. It's getting pretty gross, even when it's healed up, because I literally tear it up half a dozen times a year. I'll probably have a hideous looking scar when I'm 70.

Skibike update: I've decided to do a conversion of my DH bike, on the advice of, well, everyone. Apparently hardtail ski bikes are for nutjobs who want to break their tailbones, which doesn't really discourage me that much, but the DH bike is just sitting there looking lonely, and just making some dummy axles and mounting skis should be easier than building something from the ground up. Feldy even has volunteered some snowblades for this idiocy, so when I hurt myself trying to ride it, I'll still have that $80 or so in my pocket for the percocet prescription.

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David said...

Jeez, who's that stud on me right? Oh, that's my studly older brother!!