Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Race report, random drivel

Obviously, I didn't race this weekend (just started riding on the road a little bit though, which I'm pretty pleased with). Some of the crew went up for the Winter Park point to point race, though, and did pretty well:
-Sarah (pictured) felt "like crap" and ended up mid-pack (8th out of 21) in expert (and 13th overall among all women). She vows revenge in 2 weeks, though.
-Taryn won her beginner women's race, again. Time to upgrade, sandbagger...
-Brian was 6th in expert 30-34, although he also reported not having much in the way of legs. Brian's fighting it out for a podium spot for the overall, it looks like, and I think he's going to rage in the next (much longer, much more climbing) race.

I just built a bike for a guy with a portion of an old disc rotor as the chainstay/seatstay brace. Kinda neat, I think!


Anonymous said...

Dig the disk!

sdl said...

that disk looks really cool as a brace.

as for the what-to-call-it discussion ... since a 27.5 ain't a 29 and it ain't a 26, i'd be inclined to call it a taint. and i like the idea -- more options opening more realms for more riders and more fun to be had by all.