Friday, May 25, 2007

June 15th!

Keystone opens June 15th. I am insanely excited - check it out!

I hear rumors that the bike program actually made money last year, so they are going all out and building lots of new trails, hoping to become the Whistler of Colorado - the new "22 tabletops in a row" trail certainly sounds like a good A-line-ish start!

Sarah and I will probably buy passes - even if we don't go enough times to make it worthwhile, I'd like to support these guys for sticking their necks out and *building new downhill trails* - it's not something that happens much in our neck of the woods. If you like riding freeride or downhill trails, and you live in the front range, I think you should consider doing the same - it blows my mind that people will spend $5k on a V10 or some other fancy DH rig and then won't spend $50 on an IMBA membership or a few hundred dollars for a season pass to a place like this. For me, I'd rather have sweet trails and a crap bike, rather than a sweet bike and no decent trails.

For folks who aren't into the DH thing, keep in mind that Keystone has some really fun XC riding too - which can also be accessed via the chairlift if you so desire.


Anonymous said...

The link to keystone is broken due to extra characters at the end. This is the link:

Walt said...

Thanks anon! Just fixed it...