Sunday, May 27, 2007

A couple of pictures from Thailand

Courtesy of Robin! I don't know the stories behind either of these, but apparently his S&S equipped 29er worked well for the riding there.

Sarah, Feldy and I rode some gnarly trails outside Boulder on Saturday, which I can't talk much more about, except to say that one of them is named for a coffee drink and the other for a city in California. Long story short, Feldman convinced me to ride the 29" downhill bike up the ~2500 foot climb, and then trade him (he rode my fully rigid travel bike) for the downhill. So yeah, I got dropped going both ways, basically, but whatever. We had a great time, and it was cool that Feldman finally got a chance to ride the bike he designed. He loved it, too - we've been talking about working on a DH rig for him, and until yesterday he was going to do 26" wheels, but now I think he's sold on the 29er thing (for downhill, that is - he and Karyn already have a pile of 29ers for XC riding).

Word on the street is that Lenz will be making a 6" travel 29er soon, so I doubt anyone will ever purchase one of my long-travel creations. Just to be clear, though - I'm happy enough with how the latest iteration rides that they are officially for sale. $2000 buys you a fully custom downhill frame. Shock not included. 29" wheel versions only unless you're unbelievably tiny or something and can talk me into doing one for 26" (or 24") wheels. Do I expect to sell any? Not really, but I have plenty of hardtails to build, so I don't really care. If you want a test ride, I'll be doing a lot of days up at Keystone this summer - email me and ask, and I'll be happy to meet up with ya and trade bikes for a run or two.

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