Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend update, and a photo from Moab

The photo is courtesy of Matt, who owns the lightest complete Waltworks (or any other) 29er I've ever seen - the bike pictured is 17.5 pounds. Holy smokes! Heck, I build the darn things and MY singlespeed is at least 3 pounds heavier.

In other news, Sarah and I put in about 8 hours on the mountain bikes over the weekend and I'm unbelieveably tired. So I suppose it'll be a good day to get caught up on some work. Trying to finish up 2 frames for Robert down in Denver, then hopefully pick up a bunch of stuff at the powdercoater to ship out.

Fuentes was 15th at this weekend's NMBS short track, and 23rd (we think) in the XC. He wasn't feeling great for the XC, apparently, but hopes to get into the top 15 or maybe 10 next weekend at Fontana on his Waltworks/Actiontec 29er. I don't know if anyone got any pictures, but if I get some, I'll post 'em. Yuki got sick on the plane, apparently, and tried to race the short track but couldn't, and then had to fly home because he was too ill to race the XC. Bummer. Hopefully he'll be recovered for the Fontana round.

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