Monday, March 05, 2007


We're looking at a (predicted) week of highs in the 50s and 60s, which means I'm freakin' psyched to do some riding - but the trails are still buried in slush. Maybe something will be dry by the weekend, if we get some sun and wind. But probably not.

Sarah and I rode to Nederland and back on Sunday, going up Magnolia (a bit over 4 miles at a ferocious 9% grade, after 10 miles of steady climbing to warm up) and getting as muddy as I've been in a long time. The dirt section of Magnolia was like a river in places. Surprisingly, there's not that much snow in the woods up in Nederland (at least around the dots). A couple weeks of hot weather would probably dry things out enough to ride some of the lower elevation stuff. Not that we'll get it, of course. The Ned trails don't usually open up until May or so.

Sarah and I have been eating a ton of a recipe I sort of made up, which we now refer to as Pad Walt. Seriously, it's good. I can actually cook, not just make crap out of metal. Try it out, if you dare:

Pad Walt

-1 package rice noodles, or spaghetti if you want to be ghetto about it.
-1/2 onion, chopped
-4 cloves garlic, minced
-3/4c creamy peanut butter
-1 tbsp korean hot sauce (the kind with the rooster on the clear bottle), or other hot sauce if you don't have the Korean stuff
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-4 tbsp fish sauce
-4 tbsp sugar
-1 tbsp rice vinegar
-1 tbsp green Thai curry paste (red will work too)
-1/2c H20
-1 lb. tofu, or chicken if you're into meat

This is the easiest recipe on earth. Cook the tofu in a wok or a big frying pan, then add everything but the noodles and heat up/stir until you've got a nice brownish sauce- you can cook the onion and garlic a bit first if you like your onions not so crispy. Cook the noodles and dump 'em in. Eat. Goes good with beer (what doesn't?) but not so good with red wine. Tastes great for lunch the next day, too.

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Reba-less BrianV said...

The hot sauce with the rooster on it is Vietnamese ... not to say you can't get some really hot Korean chili pastes, but they aren't the same.