Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The powdercoat guys finally got something done this week, so Warren's frame will be on its way tomorrow morning. Finally. That was an all-time record - over a month at the powdercoater. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

In other news, S&S is raising their coupler prices like 40%. Ouch. Correspondingly, S&S bike prices will increase, though I'll honor the current price for folks on the list. I'm thinking couplers will be something like a $450 upgrade, rather than $350 as they are now. That would keep me making about the same money for the extra work, which seems fair.

Weather continues to be good - Fuentes and I raced each other on the fabulous (and in spots muddy) cow paths of North Boulder all afternoon, and then my dad dropped by to buy me dinner - what could be better? He also brought a big box of stuff from when I was a kid - anyone remember the Presidential Physical Fitness awards? Well, I remember that I was the only kid in the whole high school to get one in like 1990 or something, and the patch was in the box! Kickass! There's also a letter, but I can't remember actually lettering in any sports, so that's a bit of a mystery. Lots of the usual bad kid pottery and stuff too, of course, but I also found my old 3/4 size leather football. I *loved* that freakin' thing, and it still holds air! Something to pass on to my kids, maybe. They'll probably think real sports are for chumps and laugh at to me to go back to playing Madden 2025, though.

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