Friday, July 25, 2014

Learn to Build a Frame with Framebuilding Classes at Waltworks World HQ

2015 Note: Class prices are now $2750 for full experience/Option 2, and $1900 for Fly-on-the-Wall.

Yes, I've decided I finally have enough shop space and live in a cool enough place that people might want to come visit and have me help them build their own bike.

So, what's the deal, you say?

-I'll be teaching a very limited number of one-on-one, one to two week long classes. That's right, one student at a time, Monday through Friday. In rare cases I will consider doing a 2-student lesson if you have a friend who wants to do it at the same time. You can pick a one week intensive (7-8 hours a day) class, or take your time and do more riding/fun and spread it out over 2 weeks (3-4 hours a day).

-We'll collaboratively design your new bike using BikeCAD pro (you'll have unlimited use of the program during your one week class, but if you want to continue using it after that, you'll need to purchase a license from the fine folks at Bicycle Forest). As many of you know, I'm a huge geometry and fit geek - so you'll get to pick my brain and learn all about how I do a bike design, talk through tradeoffs of every variable, and figure out your ideal geometry/wheel size/componentry.

-You'll be given full use of the WW shop machines and tools and my undivided attention to help you operate them. The course fee includes all materials (S and S couplers are an additional $400) needed to complete your frame and I guarantee that you will leave with a rideable and safe frame (this may mean I have to do some aspects of the construction myself if you're having a lot of trouble). You will also have as much practice time and material as you'd like to learn to TIG weld or braze, as well as unlimited use of BikeCAD pro to design bikes to your heart's content.

-I'll be offering 2 pricing options:

Option 1: $1900 - Fly on the Wall. This is the watch-and-learn but no actual building option. If you've always wanted to see how I build a frame but don't want to actually do it yourself, come hang out and watch me build yours!

-In your spare time, enjoy our 500+ miles of singletrack, right out the back door (or, in the winter, the 7 ski resorts within a 30 minute drive). Park City is the only IMBA gold-level ride center in the world and you can make great riding vacation out of your trip. I'm happy to provide info on local trails and yes, I want to ride with you!
-Build your bike up and ride it when it's still warm from the torch (ok, that's an exaggeration). But if you're interested in test riding your bike before it even gets powdercoated, we'll order parts in advance and assemble so you can test ride right here in UT.
-Super excited about building after watching for a few hours? Upgrade at any time to:

Option 2: $2750 - You Build It, Walt Helps. This is the real business - you do it all, and I provide as much help/instruction/encouragement as it takes to make sure you end up with a great frame. Be ready to work hard!
-All materials included. If you blow a hole in a tube, I'll hand you another one, no problem. Need weird dropouts or unusual BB shell or a curved tube? Again, it's all included with the exception of couplers (if you want them). 880t or ER70 welding rod, silver brazing wire, flux, argon - it's all included.
-Build anything you want. Dirt jumper? Crazy slack/short 29er? 650b? 36er? Time trial bike? Fattie? We can do any size of seatpost/dropper, any fork, curve tubes, do any unusual geometry or use any unusual component. The world is your oyster. Tandems and full suspension bikes cost extra, though!

-Learn the basics of TIG, fillet brazing, and lug work (or just one) and practice as much as you'd like on my professional level equipment. Unlimited practice scrap/tubing is available for your use/destruction.
-If you're really struggling, I will step in and help you finish any task necessary so that your bike ends up safe and fun.
-Just as with Option 1, you'll be in mountain bike heaven and have time to ride. We can assemble your new bike for a test ride or two while you're here as well as long as we order parts in advance.
-In some cases I will ask you to do "homework" before arriving to familiarize yourself with some basic movements for welding. This can include sending you a big box of mitered scraps for practice if you have access to welding equipment (check with your local maker space, DIY associations, community college, etc), recommendations on equipment, etc. Full phone/email support for you while you start practicing on your own.
-If you have zero fabrication/welding experience and/or want to make sure you have plenty of time to ride, I recommend a 2 week (10 day) class in which we meet for 4 hours a day. This will give your brain more time to process what's going on, you won't get as exhausted, and you'll be more relaxed and have more time to enjoy the mountains.

What's NOT included?

-Transportation to Park City. We're only 25 minutes from the SLC international airport so flying is easy. Or you could make a road trip out of it. Within the Park City area, there is an extensive network of bike paths and a free bus system - so it's up to you whether you'll want to rent a car.
-Lodging. There are great deals in the summer, in winter it'll be a little pricier. During mud season (April/May) it's practically free (and yes, there's riding that is dry by then).
-Parts to assemble your bike. You are welcome to salvage and bring your own used stuff, or you can take advantage of my super-smoking parts deals and buy them from me.
-Fork building instruction. If you'd like to build a rigid fork as well please contact me to discuss - this will cost extra money and take extra time unless you are a very quick study.
-Loaner bikes/skis. If my bikes fit you (not bloody likely, I'm shaped like a T-rex, but you never know) you are welcome to borrow them. It's more likely that you'll need to bring your own or rent if you want to ride in your free time before your frame is done. Same story with skis (got a size 45 foot and like skate skiing? You're in luck. Otherwise, not so much).
-Warranty. If you're building it yourself, I will do my best to help you make a safe, long-lasting frame - but it won't be a Waltworks (it'll be a yournamehereworks) and as such you won't get any warranty protection if something breaks. If you are doing fly-on-the-wall, a warranty is of course included.
-Decals. A one-color powdercoat is included in the price, but decals and graphics are not. I can put you in touch with expert decal folks, or you can have any number of online services make you some vinyl decals if you'd like.
-Shipping. If you choose to have the frame powdercoated here, you'll need to pay to have it shipped to you when it's done (or come pick it up).

Ok, I want to do it! How do I get on the schedule?

-I'm not going to do set dates - instead I will schedule students on a case by case basis. If you're interested in what times might work, please email or call me to discuss.
-A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to schedule your class. If we've agreed on dates and you need to make a change or delay your visit, that's fine, but I won't be able to guarantee when I can fit you in again.
-I reserve the right to end a lesson early (with no refund) if you are endangering yourself or others with the equipment (the usual shop rules apply - safety glasses, tie back long hair, no loose clothing, etc). This also means that once a beer gets opened - no more metal work for the day. Many of the machines in my shop can maim or kill you, and I will insist that you follow my instructions regarding using them safely.
-If a friend wants to stop by to see what you are doing, that's great, but you can't get a two-fer by just having someone bum around while we're working - I'll charge extra for extra students on a case-by-case basis. The shop is really not big enough for crowds of people so I'll generally insist on one-on-one instruction.

Ready to commit? Hit the button to put down your $500 deposit, or call/email me for other payment options (you can change your mind about which option you want at any time, so if you're not sure, don't worry about figuring it out immediately). 

Choose your adventure:


mike said...

You did not mention that childcare was not included... I will be showing up with three kids under the age of three. I am sure Sarah is up for it.

Feldy said...

Walt, looks like you need to correct that oversight. But I think Mike gets that deal for pointing it out.

Walt said...

You guys are funny.

Seriously, though - while it's not included, there's very reasonable day care/adventure camps available all over the basin if you want to bring the little ones. Tons of family fun to be had around here!

steve garro said...

Add 1K to each of those.

Unknown said...

So Walt...great idea...and since Id be over there bird-dogging you anyway....pencil out a week (afternoon?) to come to my shop when Im building your table for our er...ummm....swap. I can't promise it will be nearly as cool as building a bike but there will be cheap-ass beer to guzzle!


Newb Biker said...

Would you advise people that have never welded to take option 1? I would love to play an active role on building my frame but I have never welded before.

You mentioned that you would assign homework before the trip. Could you tell me more so I can look into the costs of welding classes?

Walt said...

Hi Newb -

I'd say if you've NEVER done any welding, you might want to just do fly on the wall. If you feel inspired, you can always "upgrade". You can also do the full build experience and just have me do the finish welds on the final frame - but still get lots of practice in so that you can do your own welding on #2.