Thursday, May 16, 2013

David - done

David wants to ride slow techy stuff, and the geometry of this bike reflects that - no suspension, short wheelbase, and a high BB. All in all, it'll probably quite a handful on fast stuff, but great fun when your goal is to pick your way up/down sections other people are walking.

-70 degree HTA and 43mm offset for trail in the high 80s.
-64.7cm front center and 23.2" effective toptube.
-12.5" BB height with 2.3" tires, higher if you go bigger.
-42cm (adjusts to 44cm) chainstay length with generous clearance for a 2.4" tire.
-Curved seat tube to keep out of the way of the tire
-Non-suspension corrected geometry with a 425mm fork axle to crown.
-29" wheels.

And yes, it's a singlespeed, since David is not a sissy like me and wants no gears.

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