Monday, January 07, 2013

QR15 rigid fork dropouts...finally!

I spent years bugging the good folks at Paragon to make these, and thanks to someone with more pull (thanks, Drew!) also bugging them, they're finally here (after a first-round hiccup). Here's a picture. They will take Rockshox or DT 15mm axles (no Fox), they're beefy as heck, I like them. Extra $50 upcharge, but you get an axle (RS or DT, your choice) out of it as part of the deal.

With that out of the way; here's a brief rant: You do not need a through axle on a rigid fork. If you want this setup for convenience when swapping suspension/rigid forks on your bike, great. But there is really no performance benefit unless you're 300 pounds or riding a tandem or something. Suspension forks need this kind of axle because they are inherently not very stiff structures (2 pistons joined only by the crown and the arch) and adding a very stiff axle at the bottom of the fork is enormously helpful. Rigid forks do not suffer from torsional or lateral stiffness problems, so a big axle is pretty meaningless.

With that said, I'm happy to build you a fork with these dropouts either way. The 15mm axle isn't going to hurt anything, so worst case scenario, you're still good and you spent $50 on a big axle.


Eric Wever said...

No comment on the rant.

Walt said...

Yeah, no comment because you weigh at least 300 pounds!

I know, I know, you are a big fan of the rigid/TA setup. As they say in Road House... opinions vary.


dicky said...

I am on the same side of the fence on thru-axle rigid forks, but what say you to those that claim one of the benefits being consistent alignment with the rotor/caliper every time you install the wheel? Not that I have that issue often myself with my QR rigid froks.

Unknown said...

Those aluminum spacers appear to be loose? Now you have to keep track of them when taking the wheel on/off. It would have been nice if the they were captured with a c-clip or something. I thought I would like this style dropout for rigid but its tough to beat qr simplicity.

Walt said...

Yes, the spacer is loose (it's just one spacer, I don't know why it has the grooves machined in). Not super hard to keep track of IMO and a dab of loctite would keep it on there just fine too.

PaulS said...

If you have the thru axle, you can also have the Adaptrac system with on-the-fly tire pressure adjustments. This is what XC racers wanted back in the 1980s, not suspension forks.