Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Time for pedals?

I think we're almost there.

Humorously enough, I designed this bike from scratch, with great trepidation that I'd screw up and Bean would hate bikes, and his father, forever. Then I went and looked up the geometry on the Specialized Hotrock 12" (best kids bike you can buy, probably):
-ETT: 35cm vs... 35cm
-HTA: 70 deg vs... 68 deg (but see the note about fork offset)
-Chainstay length: 270mm vs... 280mm
-BB height: 173mm vs... 170mm

The Specialized runs a 5mm offset fork (vs ~20mm on the cheap threaded fork I have on Bean's whip) but the trail number is pretty close (50mm range for Bean, 57mm for Specialized).


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a little Jackson Goldstone there :)

Anonymous said...

Go Bean!

And this is the FIRST time I have seen someone geek out about strider bike geometries. I expected no less of you, Walt ;-)


Walt said...

It's actually going to be a pedal bike, you just can't see the BB shell in the picture. He just needs a little more time to get used to it before I throw the pedals (and coaster brake!) on.

Greg said...


You should come check out some of the cool kids bike we have in the shop...

The Cleary 12, 16 and 20" bikes as well as the Rocky 20" Vertex...


Kate Rowan said...

I'm gonna need one of those.....

sir minus said...

Not sure if you've had read this, but I stumbled across it when trying to find some sort of Geo for my little guy.


My son is ready for pedals but every 12" wheeled bike I put him on looks ridiculous.