Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Pics from Mike with comments from Walt

Mike rode the White rim and sent over a couple of pictures:

Not wearing your Waltworks Jersey, Mike? For shame!

Panorama shots used to be a pain before smartphones. Now nobody is impressed, Mike.
Mike also related the story of running into another rider on a frame built by the legendary Don McClung (who, sadly, I have never met) who complimented him on his "sweet Waltworks". Which, to me, is sort of like someone with a Stradivarius complimenting me on my homemade banjo or something.

I love that about custom bikes and custom bike owners - there is plenty of bike snobbery but also a game-respect-game aspect that means that basically everyone who builds or owns one is psyched to see another one, no matter who made it.


aaron w said...

Ha! That wasn't the only Waltworks on the rim that day. Thanks for the hi five Mike!

Tom Purvis said...

The dude on the Don Bike peddles likker when he's not pedaling a Don Bike.