Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pics from Christine!


Laramie shout out from Christine, who says,

"This is a very belated thank you for my bike, which is going to be my first bike to earn a name, I just haven’t decided on her name yet. I think Felix told you, she feels like an extension of my body when I ride. Riding has never been so fast and fun, and yet also feeling so secure.

Here are a couple of photos, including two from today when I won the women’s intermediate Gowdy Grinder. My only complaint is now that I’ll have to do the advanced race next year. The third is in Fruita on the classic Kessel Run… the first time I rode the bike, not counting around the block before we left.

Thanks also for hosting Felix in a dream bike building week, to build (another) dream bike."


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