Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning Part Deux

Updated: price drop!

I built this fatbike for Miguel several years ago. In the intervening time, it's been ridden all over the world, put on planes, raced, and generally beaten on. And fatbike technology has moved on some.

Then he decided he wanted a slacker seat angle so I built him a new frame and took this one back to serve as my fatbike for the year. So now it's got 2 people worth of abuse on it. Powdercoat  (Red Baron) is in mediocre shape at best with several scratches that go through to bare metal (these can be touched up with nail polish, or just ignored - they're not a functional problem, but they're ugly).

But it doesn't really fit me, and I'm lusting after something more modern (it's 170 spacing, longish chainstays, no tapered steerer for Bluto-fun, etc). So I'm selling it cheap! $800 $700 takes this nice package:
-WW fat frame with lots of nicks and scratches but no dents or structural damage.
-Cane Creek 1 1/8 40 series headset.
-Thomson layback post.
-SRAM X9 175mm fatbike cranks/BB with 28t MRP Bling Ring, all in good functional shape.

I'm also happy to sell you a full build kit if you want more parts at my usual smoking prices.

Now, details on the frame geometry:
-70 HTA (with a 450mm fork), 73 STA
-61cm/24" effective toptube, about 67.5 cm front center (will vary some based on fork offset)
-49cm/19" seat tube (center to top)
-160mm/6.25" head tube
-Upward curved toptube - limited standover (~32") unless you are long-legged!
-45cm chainstays, plenty of clearance for a 4.5" tire. You will run out of chain clearance with anything bigger.
-~300mm/12" BB height with 4.5" tires, lower with smaller ones, a bit higher with 29+ tires.
-Plenty of room for B+/27.5+ or 29+ tires, pretty much any wheel/tire configuration you want will work.
-170mm symmetrical rear spacing, 100mm BB shell, designed for ~62-65mm chainline
-Downtube cable routing for full length housing, Paragon low mount dropouts. Takes a 27.2 seatpost.
-Will work fine with 80-100mm travel 29er forks or anything in the 440-480mm axle to crown range, but no tapered steerers.

This frame IMO would be best built up as a summertime dirt trails and packed snow cruiser. If you're going adventuring in deep snow the upward curved toptube and lack of 5" tires is going to be a bummer. Ideal candidate is 6'-6'3" or so with long legs and short arms/torso. It's built pretty beefy (Miguel had a kid seat mounted for a while) so up to 220# riders are fine.

Questions? Drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

Did this sell?

Walt said...

Not so far!