Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Neverending illness

Progress on bikes will be slow again this week - I am still sick. This marks approximately 2 months of *constant* illness. I've been to the doctor, I've been on a couple different antibiotics - nothing. UT is apparently getting hit hard by viral respiratory infections, and I guess I'm getting them in order or something.

Anyway, if am slow to respond to emails and update the blog, that's why.

On the plus side, we got a few inches of snow this morning. Bringing us from crazy severe awful drought to somewhat crazy severe awful drought status.


Anonymous said...

Come on! You're too frequently ill. Have you investigated naturopathic remedy? Though it's become excessively commercialized of late and panders to navel-gazing hypochondria, the various protocols of early Eat Right 4 Your Type have worked well for me. Get better!

Chris said...

As long as we're giving unsolicited advice, here's how to actually not get sick so much: wash your hands and the stuff people touch regularly, and don't touch your face. Especially with kids. The things they do make SF's gay bath houses seem sanitary.


By actual doctors, not naturopathic quacks.

Get well soon, man.

Walt said...

The hand washing is a great idea, of course. My issue right now is that I simply can't get better. I think I've had the same thing for the entire time.

Chuck said...

get a new respirator...and do a mold test at the house...you never know

Anonymous said...

The actual doctors did what they mostly do--issue prescriptions.

FAIL, according to Walt's report.

If dietary choices have no effect on general health, Chris and his actual docs can eat their prescriptions & shouldn't need much else.

Bath houses got famous for HIV--not a sanitation issue. Let's have at children and male homosexuals at once!

Anonymous said...