Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ken - done

Flowers coming up?

There is a lot to talk about with this frame - super long front center/slack/low aggro geometry for big-ish 27.5 wheels (up to 27.5x3!), 148 spacing with some offset (!), supertherm pipes all around, etc, etc.

I will do several posts on these topics, though, because they all deserve more attention than I can give them right now.

Blooming?!?! Spring, you're here too early.

So, basic geometry:
-67 HTA (assuming quite a bit of sag) with a 140mm fork, 770mm front center.
-72.5 effective STA and 66cm effective toptube
-41.5cm (actual, 41cm effective) chainstay length that can adjust out to 43.5 with the rockers. Clearance for up to 27.5x3" tires
-Around 30cm bb height with a rider onboard
-For a 31.6 dropper post (external routing, Ken wanted the rock-solid reliability of a Gravitydropper over some of the blingier but less durable options)
-148x12 spacing, offset 2mm to the driveside (more on that later)
-Supertherm tubes and a ton of beef but "only" 5.8# with all hardware

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White Mike said...

This is great. Did you have to buy a new dummy axle for this one?