Thursday, February 05, 2015

Free to a good home, plus a for-sale pair of sweet fatbike shoes

Hub shell is gone!

But not too lazy to post a picture of the (wrong) size 41 shoes Sarah ordered by mistake and can't use. $150 shipped takes 'em folks - super warm, waterproof NW Celsius winter mountain bike/fatbike shoes, still in the box. Note that they run true to size - we just screwed up when ordering. If you wear a size 41 in most other shoes, you'll fit fine in these. Sarah actually wears more like a 39 and we wanted to upsize to fit thicker socks... but we overdid it.

Walt lied! Those are out of the box! Tags still on, though.

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Giff Holmquist said...

Very tempted to grab that.....