Thursday, January 08, 2015

Almost done with Giff

I coulda/shoulda finished up but the fine folks at the golf course across the street started grooming for skate skiing... so I've been ski-breaks at lunchtime instead of just wolfing down some eggs and going back to work.

Now we just need more snow. It was 50 degrees here today!

Yes, Sarah's fatbike is still unridden. We need snow!

Garro style booty shot.

Home Depot had LED bulbs for $3. I did the whole house plus the shop - much better lighting.


steve garro said...

You need to sit lower, like you were in a wheelchair!

Giff Holmquist said...

So looking forward to bringing this frame home soon!!!

Anonymous said...

What, no Chris King LEDs? Candle Power! 'Snuck has sneaked its way into the English language.' Burning the midnight oil at both ends. I hope Giff's frame remains fully bridgeless, but almost done could mean otherwise. Saving the PITA for last?