Thursday, October 30, 2014

Roy - almost done

Ran outta steam to finish the brazeons tonight, but she's got a date with the powdercoater (in Beanspeak, this is "powdy cookie") tomorrow. Then we have a date with using small cute children in costume to collect free candy!

BTW, after about 35 miles of singletrack, I can say that A) the Chupacabra front/random 2.0 back tire combo is weird as heck but super fun, and B) tire works fine on a Crest rim as far as I can tell - even down at less than 15 psi. I actually prefer the more rounded profile, too - IMO corners better that way when you're leaning hard, and the knobs have some chance of protecting the sidewalls/casing.

Test fitting a seatstay

Scotch tape, baby

Faux-lugged crown

 Aspen leaves driving me mad!

ST cluster welded up


Giff Holmquist said...

That fork looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice welding!!!