Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random updates from Park City

In no particular order:

-I'll be asking all customers to pay for their parts up front when we have a parts order finalized. I've operated on a handshake-and-trust basis for 11 years but I have someone who has abused that trust (to the tune of almost $9000) and I can't take the risk of that happening again. My apologies. Be prepared to pay for your parts before I order them. Anyone know a good lawyer in CO? :(

Our new table is sick. Now we just need chairs. And friends. 

-Framebuilding classes are full for 2014. I will take reservations for 2015 but no more students this year unless you've already been in contact.

Free performance bamboo socks with a frame helps dull the pain of price increase.

-Frame prices will rise to $1700 on Jan 1st. I'll remind everyone again before then, but if you want to lock in current pricing, you gotta get your order in in the next couple months.


taryn said...

Should I bring my own chair? Also, I would like to buy some socks.

Feldy said...

Was it Miguel? I bet it was Miguel.

borderlander said...

Fork price (without frame) to remain as is for the foreseeable future?

prickly thistle said...

walt i know a good attorny here in CO. he's my business attorney for crux usa.