Thursday, October 02, 2014

New frame for Peter

Peter's first frame had a slew of minor problems and a major goof by me (toptube 2cm too short?!? I'm an idiot...) but he was nice enough to ride it while I built him a mulligan frame (the 2nd mulligan this year, ugh).

But what a mulligan! We squeezed in a Cane Creek DBinline, messed with seat angle and TT length, and generally changed all sorts of stuff. Plus now he can have a through axle on the rear end, which is great. Better cable routing (downtube) too.

A few pictures for those folks bored at work on this lovely Thursday:

Getting close...

Lots of tacks to make sure the pivot won't move around when I finish welding it.

Shock mount

Squeeze job!

Just needs cable guides. And powdercoat...

And yes, cheapskates: his original frame (140mm travel, 59cm ETT, 68 HTA 29er for getting crazy) will be available at a smoking deal in the near future.

1 comment:

Eric N. said...

Congrats Peter, I think you were the one that commented on my orange beast almost a year ago. Maybe I should have waited, DB-Inline, Through-axle, and better cable-routing on the rear-end. I'm jealous... haha