Friday, September 12, 2014

Working on JJ and Peter

Some of the parts I need are here, others are not, but I made what progress I could and now I'm going to work on a couple of fat forks... apparently it snowed in CO last night, winter is coming!

Lots of standover

Sleeve is for the rocker pivot, not joined up yet/positioned

Machining stainless sucks

Custom swingarm/chainstay assembly. Yep, that means you could do FS 29+ or fattie...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap- do they still make those manual mowers? What great exercise that would be........aaron in nc

Feldy said...

was that a Game of Thrones reference?

Feldy said...

Also, machining stainless only sucks because your lathe is a POS. If you've got a big, rigid tool then it's not so hard.