Monday, September 15, 2014

I am always right.

Just ask my wife. Or Lane. He said, a year or two ago, that he wanted a fat fork for a dynamo hub with no brake mount. Because he's just a stud.

I said, "hold on, brakes can be nice to have. Paint, too."

But Lane held firm, and now he's got a fine patina of iron oxide (he's a NM boy so it will take about 100 years for the fork to really rust enough to matter) and a brake mount added by my NM framebuilder homey Chauncey. Plus the world's ugliest ziptie.

Tis the season for fatbikes!

Always bet on...white?


Anonymous said...

And a rear tire that's mounted backwards

grubyuppie said...

That zip tie is an Italian standard part so probably not compatible with the US True Temper steel. I ordered the special Park Tool ZTR-2 (zip-tie remover)tool so that will be coming off sometime soon.
Before I had this front brake I would shove my foot between the tire and crown to stop which I still do to remove goat-heads. Next, I'll need a custom hand-made sticker flicker for a 4.0 tire!