Monday, June 16, 2014

Random photos from Mike

Baby imminent. Parents (especially 9 month pregnant mom) tired. 2 year old not comprehending the disaster that is about to befall him. And yet, I am designing bikes. And building bikes. As best I can.

Here are some random photos from Mike to make this post more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Two half full water bottles means you brought too much.

Bike hack 101: A beer can in a coozy fits ever so nicely in a standard waterbottle cage. It provides much needed mid-ride refreshments and nourishment.

mike said...

Ride was cut short by snow on the trail in all three directions. Excellent suggestion on the beer coozy, it works as advertised.

Anonymous said...

Since I have never tried this, I pose this question: Doesn't the beer get shaken too much?