Thursday, June 05, 2014

A picture of a bike!

And it's a doozy, too! Aaron asked for this, and I delivered. But delivered... what?

Consider, if you will:
-Fixed 29er.
-Non suspension corrected with a curvy fork and curvy toptube to match.
-So compact that I had to build a weird yoke-like seatstay cluster (the idea was to match the fork visually a little bit... not sure I succeeded) to get the tire to clear.

Aaron is a serious dude, so it doesn't even have a way to *mount* a rear brake. He wussed out and let me put a front brake tab on, though.

Geometry for the curious, bored, and criminally insane who might want something similar:
-71.5 HTA, 48mm fork offset, 73mm trail. 62.9cm front center. Twitchy, yo. But fixed, you aren't going to be going *that* fast - so the lower speed handling in the tight stuff is the priority.
-42cm chainstays, clearance for pretty big rubber.
-About 305mm/12" BB height. Aaron's on 170mm cranks so this would normally be on the high side by a smidge - but he's riding *fixed* so pedal clearance matters just a tad more than usual.
-68.5cm/27" standover. Yes, that low. Aaron's not the tallest fellow and when riding fixed... it's good to be able to get off the bike suddenly. Or so I hear. Rumors that I have attempted off-road fixed gear riding and humiliated myself are complete fabrications.
-1 1/8 head tube. Man, these have started to look weird to me. Everyone and their cousin is on tapered.

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