Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Time to quit for the day?

Step 1: Cut a hole in a box Carefully measure where you want to put a boss to mount your fender.
Step 2: Carefully drill a hole for said boss.
Step 3: Realize you drilled the hole in the wrong side of the bridge.
Step 4: Throw bridge at the wall Pack it up for the afternoon and go ride through the snow to get the Bean.


taryn said...

I had that day on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Agreed; time to have quit. Though it looks like you were back at it when you posted.

Step 5 (next day): Retrieve bridge, flip, refile, proceed?

Was the tread-to-fender distance specified to the mm in design? In doing so, one must consider the specific density of the mud in the region in which the bike will be ridden. This coupled with some calculations of centrifugal force and average speed yields the ideal tread-to-fender distance. I suppose a seatpost-mounted fender will interfere with luggage.

Another advantage of custom.

I don't know which is worse--not being on the wait list at all, or being on it and having that waiting confirmed! Plus, you've ruined me for many a factory production bike.

Has anyone bugged you about ROS 9-like construction of the back end?
I searched blog for DR2065 & found nada. Time for a post on this and the related irritating topic of future-proofing? Since, in the future, hardtail dropouts will again have 135mm spacing....


steve garro said...

My whole week has been 500% worse then that