Monday, May 12, 2014

Stan's Valor Wheels - available soon

I rarely post about the latest snazzy part but this is quicker and easier than digging around to find everyone that has emailed me over the last year or so about these wheels.

Stan's now has the Valor wheels. They are not in stock but are being built to fill backorders and *should* be available in early June for manufacturers (ie me). If you are interested in these I am happy to put you on the list for a set.

5/19 edit: Please email me for pricing, my previous post was in violation of the Notubes MAP policy.

They are only available to me as a SET, sorry, no front or rear only, and only to WW frame customers, please do not ask about wheels (or any other parts!) if you are not a customer.

I should note that while I really like Stan's products and have/ride a lot of their stuff, I have no direct experience with these wheels so I can't offer any specific recommendations on appropriate use or quality/value. I would guess they're great, but that's just me speculating.

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Oh how I wish I was a dentist...