Monday, February 03, 2014

By popular request - geometry geekery for Steve's frame

A few people have bugged me to do a geometry post on Steve's bike from yesterday. I've been slacking on those lately because getting ready to move, dealing with a 2 year old and a pregnant wife, and trying to survive the horrible air quality on the Wasatch front has taken up most of my time lately.

But I can't say no to my "fans" (hang your heads in shame!) so here we go.

-69 HTA (assuming a 120mm fork with some sag - Steve can run up to 150mm if he wants), 66.4cm front center, and 97mm of trail.
-That's a 72 degree seat angle and 61.5cm/24.2" effective toptube for those who don't want to figure things out using front center.
-31.7cm/12.5" BB height assuming big fat 2.5 tires. A bit lower with smaller rubber.
-41cm chainstays (actual, 40.5 effective) and clearance for a 2.4+" tire (a DHF will easily clear with the wheel pulled back a bit). I tried to talk Steve into letting me mess with the driveline since this is a SS-specific frame and he doesn't need/want a bashguard, but he opted to be a little more normal. Otherwise we'd have done 40cm or something.
-Built for a tapered, 120-150mm fork with a tapered steerer and a 30.9 dropper post. I tried to talk him into a stealth but no dice - he already has a non-stealth post and it's hard to argue that a little less visual clutter is worth $300. Note that I usually do 31.6 for droppers but it's just as easy for me to do 30.9 if that's the size you prefer.
-To allow full insertion of the post and get enough tire clearance, I offset the seat tube forward onto the downtube - so on this frame the seat tube and BB shell never meet. A supertherm downtube provides plenty of beef to handle the load.

Steve picked out a really neat avocado-y green color with a low/satin gloss that looks much cooler in real life than in pictures, too.

RAL 6003!


Anonymous said...

Whats with all those straight tubes?


Steve said...

Todd, Walt asked me about curved tubes, I didn't want any. Except for stays (chain and seat), which were absolutely needed for clearance.

Rob said...

Walt, can you elaborate on the driveline trickery? Steve- your bike is SICK!

Feldy said...

I like how your definition of "popular request" is one dude double-posting.

And more snark from the other day: now that you offer gravel grinders, I'm wondering if I can order a WW shark-jumping specific bike?