Friday, February 07, 2014

2 post Friday! Random pictures for Jason

Not much to say, but I'll try to use the captions to make a few of my trademark bon mots and keep you guys entertained at work.

BB welded in... nothing clever comes to mind

Um, still got nothin. The hole at the end of the slot looks weird to me in this picture, not sure why.

No wittiness but a story: this is the pencil I use to mark the tubing butts. Thanks Dr. Bart, and thanks, random kid who dropped the pencil outside Bean's preschool! The key here is that carbon does not cause any powdercoat problems. Ink (sharpies)? Problems. 

What a tube looks like fresh outta the mill. I have a lot of random scars on my hands from these damn things.

BB cluster. Aaaand... total fail on the bon mot front. 


Alex Berry said...

Lookin good, Walt.

BigHank53 said...

I bought a roll of athletic tape and tape up my thumb and forefinger while doing mitering. After chopping the damn things open too many times...