Friday, January 31, 2014

You can hate a lot of things about Utah... this, and this, and this.

But not this. 

Sadly, Park City is no place for a desert tortoise, or I'd be on it in a hot minute.


taryn said...

I would by a fenced yard to keep one in. And a really big heater. I've always wanted a very gradual lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

Will living in a packed with outsiders tourist town like Park City get stale? Crowded movement and at times rude who cares? attitude non-locals doing their tourism thing as they see fit.

Expensive living too and dealing with stuff like that? Barf.

Keep going east back to Boulder.

Anonymous said...

"Dandy-lions:" are they the ones with the bow ties? Seems like Mr. Tortoise is being a little picky about his preferred company when he has apparently misplaced his own fashion accessories!