Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Random stuff for sale, plus: sick family alert

First off, Sarah has a bad cold that has lingered for almost a week, and Bean now has croup (super fun night last night) so work will be slow today.

Second, I have some stuff for sale!

-Waltworks singlespeed/geared 29er frame. This was my personal bike in 2011. I am not much of a singlespeeder anymore, sadly, and I have a bunch of other bikes to ride, so it needs a good home.

Vital details:
-69/73 head and seat angles.
-23.5" effective toptube, 20.5" (center to top, it's about 19" center-center) seat tube, 6" head tube, 41.5-43.5cm (adjustable via swinger dropouts) chainstay length, 12" BB height.
-Built for a 100mm (1 1/8) fork. Will also work fine with an 80mm if you want a little snappier handling.
-2.3" tire clearance with the wheel slammed, quite a bit more if you pull it back a bit.
-Black Cat swinger dropouts with derailleur hanger (and the frame has full cable stops if you want to run gears).
-No dents or damage, though she's obviously a bit dusty and obviously been ridden for a season or two.

$700 gets you the frame, or I'm happy to quote you on a full build with all-new parts.

-Fork is sold.

-Velocity Blunt SL wheelset. XT 6-bolt hubs (quick release), 32 spokes laced up 3x, Blunt SL rims. Brand new and never ridden. $175, or $150 with the frame.

-Avid Elixir 5 brakes. Not the top of the line, and the front needs a bleed at some point soon, but if you want to get some cheap, functional hydros, here you go. $40 for the set (front and rear, no rotors).

Package deal: Buy everything for a cool $800!


Anonymous said...

Walt, how does the frame compare in size and handling to a size L Air 9?

Walt said...

About a 20mm shorter toptube - so more like a medium in terms of TT length. HTA slacker by a degrees, chainstays a lot shorter - so more of a short/slack throw-me-around-and-get-nuts bike. Air9 is more of a straight XC/race bike.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick reply. Would I be as comfortable on long rides in the East Coast?

Walt said...

I'd guess overall comfort would be pretty similar. It's a pretty compliant/skinny tubes frame so it might be a tiny bit more comfortable, hard to say. I have not ridden an Air9 myself.