Sunday, January 12, 2014

More evidence...

...that I am actually not the worst photographer on earth.

"Thanks" to Dave for the pics. Check out his cool frame bags at Nuclear Sunrise if you're in the mood to go explore/suffer on your own overnight on a bike this year.

This probably looks cool if your iPhone isn't drunk.

Thudbuster+Brooks FTW (f*ck that's weird?)


Anonymous said...

The iPhone has been drinking, my jersey is asleep
And the cassette went back to New York, the steerer has to take a leak
And the tires need a haircut...

The iPhone has been drinking, not me, not me, not me, not me.

Happy New Year and congratulations on the upcoming addition!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...nice Tom Waits reference! Both interpretations of "FTW" seem to work here, too; i.e., Tom Waits "for the win," or "f*ck that's weird!"

dicky said...

Careful. Don't call David's Moxey a Thudbuster. It chafes his head.