Thursday, November 07, 2013

William - done

This is a fun one! It's a nigh-freeride short-chainstay geometry but will be run singlespeed and with pretty light parts - essentially an XC bike with super-aggro geometry. Which, coincidentally, is what I like to ride myself a lot of the time.

Slider inserts shown are just for fixturing - the frame will have postmounts and no hanger

Without further ado:
-68 degree head tube angle and built for a 120mm (29er) fork - that's generating an even 100mm of trail and 68.5cm front center (ETT is 62.3cm/24.5")
-41cm (actual) and 40.5cm effective chainstay length with plenty of clearance for a fat 2.4. The only tire you couldn't run on this bike would be a Knard.
-Boring 30.5cm/12" bb height. Gah. So boring. But it should mostly keep the pedals off the rocks while also putting William down low for cornering and mayhem.
-Curved fattie seat post for a 31.6mm dropper. Those suckers are LONG so you gotta kinda squeeze in the curve to make it work.
-Loads of other curves - downward curving TT (and yes, Todd, it's a butted tube), s-bend stays, etc.
-Frame weight is about 2150g/4.75#. Not super light but with a big long fork and the fat seat tube/dropper, plus the aforementioned strong possibility of mayhem - I think that weight is about right. Note to the weight weenies - curved toptubes add weight, you can't really throw heat treated tubing in the roller and get great results in most cases.


all/bjl said...

When we were discussing my frame, you yawned a bit at the mention of the "boring" NORBA geometry of my early-90's Klein. I think I understand that ennui--especially in light of the much livlier handling of the frame you built for me. But what would be a more exciting, less boring bb height for the intended purposes? And in addition to more joie de vivre and more pedal clearance, what does a higher bb get you?

Jackson said...

Very nice! Sounds a lot like what I'm looking for.