Monday, November 04, 2013

Bending stuff.

If you don't count the head tube, William's bike is only going to have one straight tube on it. That's a lot of bending... toptube, and seatstays (bend 1, bend 2) shown here.


Mark said...

are you bending your BB shells yet?

james said...

Hey Walt, who makes you tube bender?

Walt said...

(vomiting a little it in the back of my mouth) Harbor Freight...but the rollers came from Swag offroad.

Anonymous said...

Walt are you welding rems on each end of the tube to get the full radius bend on the tube and is that a butted tube? And if it is are you getting any ripples at the butts?


Walt said...

Todd -

Yep, butted tube, yes, welding on added length to run the tube all the way through the rollers - and no, no ripples at the butts. Lots of extra work but worth it IMO.

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