Friday, September 20, 2013

Why no posts, Walt?

-A giant flood destroyed Boulder and our place there has a bunch of flood damage that I'm trying to get fixed without actually being there.
-Our nanny's husband got a job in Durango (congrats Adam!) and so we've suddenly gotta find new childcare.
-There was a dropout snafu and I've been waiting on a replacement part to finish up John's frame.

So long story short, not as much bike work got done this week as I would like. Here are a few random pictures of what I did accomplish, plus a ride photo of Tom and Sarah after Sarah had to play Florence Nightingale for him. Look out for that root, Tom!

S&S down low

Breakaway ala Waltworks at the top. Funky dingus is a heat sink.

Business in the front, no party yet in the back. 650b FTW!
Blood donations are Tom's speciality

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dicky said...

That's how you make a travel bike... or how I would want one. Just about as discreet and bulletproof as it gets.