Saturday, September 14, 2013

Slow days!

I've been (remotely) trying to deal with the flooding of our place in Boulder (luckily a friend lives there and is doing great work helping deal with the damage) so I've been slow answering emails and getting work done. Just FYI. My apologies to everyone, I should be able to get more done this week but it's going to be an ongoing headache sorting it all out there.

And we are the lucky ones - some carpet and drywall is really all that we lost. Several people (nobody knows how many yet) lost their lives and there are countless houses completely destroyed. I have to imagine the damage will run into the billions of dollars.

On a more trivial but still sad note, most of the roads and trails I rode throughout graduate school over the last 15 years are literally wiped off the face of the earth. I'm not sure when anyone will be able to ride a mountain bike in Boulder county again but it will be a long time and require a lot of work. If you're interested you can see some pictures here.

I did start working on John's 650b travel frame. It's going to be a neat mix of S&S (downtube) and seatpost/dual clamp (ala Ritchey Breakaway) joinery. Here's the lower seatpost clamp piece in progress. Yes, that's the hillbilly way to make a tap handle when you know you won't ever use it in a tight spot...

Gotta chase the threads after brazing - they get a little cooked on a small part like this

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