Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm about halfway through my multitude of dental appointments (4 crowns, some fillings that need to be replaced, it sucks) and I have been sort of managing to get some work done as well. Here's James' front triangle (I'm waiting on some dropouts). I'll probably be working some weekends and late nights to try to catch up, since I've still got at least 2 long trips to the dentist left.

For those who are interested, it turns out that all my bike riding might have played a role in my awful teeth - it turns out that if you are dehydrated a lot, your saliva can't do it's job and protect your gums and teeth - and if you forget to drink water while exercising, which I do a lot, it's pretty much meth mouth time. So drink water, folks. Or pay thousands and thousands of dollars for crowns.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Thanks for the eye-opening link and the reminder that cycling (related dehydration) has a dark side also, and not just of the hunchbacked top tube variety. Still, dentistry is arguably a privilege, and I wonder how similar your condition and that pictured in the link are. I don't think four crowns is going to fix that.

I presume you've offered to trade your unique skill for your dentist's. That at least would mitigate some of the economic pain.

Keep up the great work! The one-off (custom) and one-off again (you don't build tandems) tandem from a few entries ago is a nice clean frameset.


Anonymous said...

Gels, chews, energy drinks, and bars don't help either.

Anonymous said...

Gels, chews, energy drinks, and bars don't help either.

A Pitbull named Chuckles said...

Go for the gold Walt, literally. Get gold fillings and composites. Those are the best materials, which you should know being an amateur metallurgist.

I recommend Thailand for all dental work. It is the Land of Smiles after all.

Thousands less and thousands well spent!