Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Sunday Night Photo

...Sarah's got a scientist friend in town so I'm working overtime. Some post mounts for an industry pal's fork here. Kind of a PITA to do these on my forks but the world has moved on from ISO, methinks. The threaded inserts get joined last (after some final filing to fit them up a bit tighter) to keep them where they need to be. I actually TIG welded these ones (sorry, no pictures) as an experiment - lesson learned, brazing them with LFB is way easier.

The PM saves about 30g over an ISO tab + adapter, for those of you who are actually counting grams on a steel fork. It's enough of a pain that it'll cost you an extra $50, though. So if you're a $1 for 1g kind of person (the normal threshold for a serious weightweenie disorder) you're better off with some WCS grips.

Too bad, because the Willits disc tab is still the most stylish thing on any of my forks. So pretty...and so obsolete.


the mighty war-khan said...

I ♥ my Waltworks ISO fork with WW signature slanted segment leg topcaps!

Matt B said...

Paragon could make a Willits-style post mount option?