Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bill's 36er!

Yep, it's another 36er! No fancy colored rims this time but I think she still looks pretty sharp!

Thanks to Bill for the photos. And yes, that is probably the only XX1 equipped 36er on earth. Great drivetrain (you can now even get a 26t, which is even better, but Bill is running a 28) for a bike like this if you're not going to just go with an 83mm shell and granny gear-only setup.

15mm through axle fork with faux-lugs

Just for Garro - booty shot!


Anonymous said...

Are 36er's chasing you in your sleep yet?
Nice job!


Brad said...

Ever have any luck with converting those tires to tubless on the Nimbus II rims? I can't get my rear one to seat.

steve garro said...

What's another word for pirate treasure?

Anonymous said...

Walt I was having breakfast in Dolores Colo. and I ran a cross a WW 36er that looked like this one but was a Teal Blue color....Nice bike.