Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wayback machine

Helping a friend clean out all his old junk/treasures before a move... and we found this little ensemble. Had to model it for the camera, I couldn't resist.


NickS said...

Dear Mister W.Works,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding custom team kit for your bicycle company for the 2014 season.

I enclose one full kit as requested, printed with your supplied design. Once your approval has been received we can print the run of 5,000 kits you have requested.

Many thanks


taryn said...

I think it may have better when the comments sections just said "No comments," because, really, what can you say.

all/bjl said...

Taryn hit it exactly! I wanted to post something, but I couldn't be the one to undo "No comment..."

Hassan said...

Great, you picked out your outfit for when you come visit us. You'll fit right in. But where are high tops?