Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photos and unsolicited ego boost from Matt

Hey Walt –
I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks.  I love the new frame, it rides exactly like it should.  I’ve put a few hundred miles on it in the past two months, rode a 24 hr race, spent hours cruising buffalo creek, typical front range stuff, and I’ve been kicking the crap out of my buddies on our regular rides (which is easily the most satisfying thing about this bike).
Going from a frame where every aspect felt just a bit off, to this one, has really opened my eyes to the importance of geometry and the major differences subtle changes could make.  I probably should have pushed for short as short can be chain stays and let you talk me into a shallower head tube angle, but that’s fine tuning more than necessity.  It’s going to be difficult to consider a non-custom frame when it’s time to update my full suspension rig.
Something that stuck with me from one of our conversations was when you said I probably wouldn’t be able to fit a regular waterbottle on the seat tube.  I’m not someone who likes to leave things to chance, nor take proper riding nutrition lightly, I think waterbottle would fit but I'm not going to risk it, so I just stick a beer in there for rides where I don’t carry a pack. Beer will always fit! I threw in some terrible pictures, just so you can see the full build.  

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Seth said...

Gorgeous bike!