Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I'm slowly working through emails. Jet lag sucks. Expect a slow spinup back to regular work schedule but feel free to call me and expect to get me as of tomorrow.

Random thoughts on our trip:
-The North Shore is just as rad as everyone says it is (even though we were there in summer). We lucked out and there were some 2-5 foot (Hawaii measurement) waves so we surfed at least 2 hours a day and also did a bunch of paddling/swimming/just sitting on the beach. Good stuff.
-If you don't know where all the reefs are and it's dusk, wear some booties. My feet got pretty skinned up.
-Weirdly enough, beer is pretty cheap (same price as anywhere normal) on Oahu and everything else is really expensive.
-Sarah is a much, much better surfer than me. She was up on her *first try* (and I'm not talking about some surf school crap - we just grabbed some longboards from the garage and paddled out) and catching everything after a day or two of figuring out where to be. I, on the other hand, generally made a fool of myself despite the fact that I should still have some muscle memory from surfing in Santa Cruz when I was a college student.
-Luckily my thrashed longboard, Under Armor "rashguard" (ie spandex shirt) and pleated Banana Republic khaki shorts (the pockets turn inside out and fill with sand, it's a great look) warned the other beginners to watch out for my idiocy.
-I realized mid-trip that I was surfing at a spot mentioned in a Beachboys song (Sunset) and thought that was pretty neat.
-Our place was apparently (who knew?) right by pretty much all of the best mountain bike trails on the island. I'll have to build some bikes to leave out there.


taryn said...

And are there beach Bean photos?

LeeAB said...

"Our place, leave bikes" did you buy a place out there?

Walt said...

Ha! No way could we afford that... no, Sarah's father owns the house.

Hassan! said...