Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes, more pictures from Minh

Minh claims to have actually ridden his suspiciously clean and color coordinated short-stay 29er now... he writes:

"Now that i've had a good amount of seat time can say this: the new bike is really fantastic. whatever handling superlatives you may have apply. everything I asked for. faster downhill than my SS. check! front end super easy to unweight. check! rear end doesn't feel like it's on a time-delay with the front (vs. the REDACTED 18" chainstay-er, not my WW SS). seems faster uphill too. (at least that's what GPS says). didn't expect that. bonus! with that REDACTED I felt I was right over the front wheel which was a little terrifying on downhills. this is much better. I did what you suggested and removed the chainguide and have yet to drop a chain. it's so quiet that I have to remind myself that there are gears and I should take advantage of them. too many good things to say in one email. "full of win" as the cool kids say. anyway- just wanted to let you know it's awesome! thanks for building it! and look! it's dirty! also- the road bike in ceramic."


Fort James said...

Congrats Minh! If is is really than much better than the REDACTED (yes, I really know what he means by that), I would love to try that out!

Very Nice Bike!

minh said...

clever James (ha!)- you can try it anytime! it would fit you just fine. in its defense the REDACTED was more stable/ less twitchy.