Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picture from Mike - White Rim

Mike writes:

Hey, Walt-

Just wanted to let you know how the new rig is working out.
In short, just dandy.  I took it on my recent White Rim trip (152 miles in 2.5 days) and was loving every minute of it.  Pic is from the top of Hardscrabble.

My lower back pain for long rides is pretty much gone, though somewhat replaced by wrist pain and some tightness between my shoulderblades. I attribute the wrist/shoulder pain to the low-rise-small-sweep handlebars, I might have to go back to my goofy big sweep bars.
Climbing is outrageous, though I have to think a bit more about keeping the front end weighted than I used to.

Descending is now very fun.  I have never been a very good descender, and this bike has upped by game from shitty descender to terrible descender.  That is in some part due to the Fox but also seems to be the geometry.  It used to be that by the time I felt the front end starting to wash out it was almost too late to save whereas now I can feel that I have more time to recover from a sliding front wheel.  By the end of the summer I might be a merely bad descender.
Paragon sliders are wonderful.

Thanks again,



dicky said...

Is that a 72° STA?

Walt said...

Watch yourself, Dicky.

Actually I think the picture is a little distorted. The bike looks really weirdly long to me.

STA is 71 degrees, actually.

dicky said...


71° is the new 72°