Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photography fail

I promised some sort of real bike building post for Monday, but I failed to follow through. So you'll have to settle for a late-night (Sarah is writing grant proposals) effort with some of my worst photography yet.

This is Chris' huge "cross" frame. I used the "airquotes" because he has no intention of doing any racing on it. He described it as a "fun bike". As in, not sure what kind of ride you want to do, just grab the bike and go. Sounds fun to me, but I can't call it that or the weekend warriors (sigh, I'm now one of them) won't cough up their hard-earned money for my bikes...

At WW World HQ, we take "fun" seriously. Apparently we can't say the same for "composition" or "lighting"

So 'cross bike it is.

Here's the geometry rundown:
-Built for a VERY large rider with very long legs. It's impolite to mention exact numbers here but I'll say that Chris is twice the man I am. Consequently the tubing is pretty beefy - True Temper Supertherm pipes and a 44mm/tapered headtube matched up to a set of NOS tandem chainstays and some BD cargo bike seatstays. Total frame weight, amazingly (at least IMO) is about 5.5 pounds.
-Takes a 31.6 post. No, not so Chris can run a dropper (though that would be hilarious and awesome and due to the fact that he works in the bike industry he'd have no trouble sourcing one). Just so he can run a bit stronger post than 27.2.
-71.5 head and 73 seat angles. Pretty boring numbers there, but she should be pretty stable for most types of "fun" riding (ie gravel, easy singletrack, pavement, farmer's market, work, bar, etc).
-66mm of trail (with a tapered-steerer Enve disc cross fork) and 637mm front center.
-61cm seat tube and 20cm (!!) head tube. Chris runs an amazing 85cm saddle height - so this is actually a *compact* frame at 61cm!
-About a 28cm BB height with 35-40c tires (it'll clear up to about 45, depending on the exact tire, with fenders).
-45cm chainstays.
-Ready for 1x or multiple front chainrings, disc only.

Sounds fun to me, assuming you've got long enough legs to actually jump on.

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