Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No cycling content

But hey, no baby pictures either. Instead, a fine portrait of the world's most difficult dog. I do not know how Jenn managed to get him to hold still for this, she was basically just getting set up for some photos of my frames and bikes for a feature in Cycling Utah.

And yes, if you live in UT, Jenn can shoot a picture of your pet (or wedding, or kids, or bike frames) and make them look this good. Check out her website here:


taryn said...

She's a miracle worker. That's one handsome dog.

Hassan is barely alive said...

It's like she photoshopped away any hint of hyena!

Perry said...

We have had our dog for over two years and, to this day, the only decent picture we have of her is the picture that they took of her at the shelter where we got her. She must have been feeling too traumatized to be a spaz.