Friday, March 29, 2013

In the jig: Pamela and Don

I got halfway done with Don's frame when I realized I was out of the chainstays I want to use. Doh. Time to call Joe B and find something else to do - luckily I've always got more stuff waiting. So I started Pamela's CX frame.

And yes, these are the least exciting pictures ever. Sorry. The only interesting note is that you really have to move the head tube fixture a long way when you're transitioning between a 65.5cm toptube (Don) and a 51cm (Pamela). It's quite disconcerting.


NickS said...

Bent tubes on a cross bike?!?!?

Is there nothing sacred anymore?????

Brad said...

What's Bean think of the Chariot?

Walt said...

Nick -

The big one with the bent tubes is the mountain bike.

Brad -

He loves it! Worth every penny.