Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Gotta finish welding in fiddly bits but I'm very close to being done with Daniel's frame.

Ready for Pisgah? Not yet, but I'm getting there.

Now, geeks, gather round:
-120mm travel front/rear
-69 degree head tube angle, 72 degree (effective) seat tube angle
-68.1cm front center, 111.4cm/43.9" wheelbase, 62cm/24.4" toptube
-35cm/13.75" BB height (unsprung)
-43.5cm/17.1" chainstays
-About 31" standover
-For a tapered steerer fork TALAS fork (head tube angle goes to 70.5 degrees in 95mm travel mode) and XX1/front derailleur free drivetrain

Daniel rides and lives in the Pisgah national forest area (ie Asheville) and he was looking for a bike that would let him clean rough climbs but have a blast going down the descent on the other side. BB height was a big question mark on this bike and we eventually settled on about 13.75" - which will require some pedal timing in the rocks but not perch Daniel up too high for the steep stuff going back down. Short chainstays should help keep things a little bit snappy on tighter terrain even with the 69 degree HTA. I haven't weighed the frame yet but I'm guessing weight will be similar (ie about 3000g) to McCalla's.

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