Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stick a fork in it... Mike is done

Actually, we are still waiting for a steerer tube for Mike's rigid fork so the fork can't be stuck in it yet.

Snazzy fence picture. 

-69 head/71 seat angles, set up for a tapered steerer and 27.2 post.
-64.6cm front center/60.8cm effective toptube (relatively useless for comparison with other bikes with the slack seat angle in this case)
-42.5cm chainstays (41.9cm effective) and clearance for a 2.4" tire at the front of the sliders.
-30.5cm/12" bb height.
-106.1cm/41.8" wheelbase.
-S-bend stays, 1x or singlespeed only (front derailleurs are dead, dead, dead!)
-Tiny "not swanky but will open beer" bottle opener welded to the underside of the NDS dropout.

-Tubing is TT Supertherm (DT, TT) and 4130 (seat tube, seatstays) with some Deda s-bend chainstays thrown in. Beefy. Frame weight is about 2150g.

I believe Mike is going to do the ceramic coating on this sucker. I'll do a post about that on Monday, just got some stuff back from the Ceramikoat guys and I know lots of you want to know more.


Eric N. said...
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Eric N. said...

Is cermakoat getting more popular lately? Noticed a couple of people on the waitlist having their bikes sent of for ceramic coating and this one is doing it too.